Exclusive Adult Venue Dedicated to offering the BEST choice of suites for My raunchy encounters…Sex Swing, Mirrored Ceiling, Stockade and Chains & of course a suite for those who want a Hotel like environment.
All available for you to choose from.

Refreshments and Amenities such as Laundry service, Eftpos, complimentary fragrance free, quality bathroom products for those needing a clean getaway.
Please be aware these prices are slightly higher then my other locations, due to the overheads of hosting at the adult venue

30 min $300
45 min  $390
60 min $450
120 min $860

45 min $600
60 min $700
45 min $450
60 min $550

60 mins $750

Group MMF or Larger
45 min Per/Person $400
60 min Per/Person $500

 Sex Education and Instructional sessions are also available in all locations. If you’re looking to step up your bedroom game & need some help levelling up I am the one to help & with no extra charge to your package fee.
If you’re a lonely heart and haven’t yet sampled the art of love making together we can make sure your first experience is a positive one free from judgement.
Each Session includes a Shower before and after with Complimentary Bathroom Products & Refreshments.
Once I find a great venue I am loyal to it and visit regularly. Obviously this means I do not offer out calls in some locations.

Enquire via Contact 

Manners and Respect

or be blocked and reported


Don’t worry I will still respond just when I am able too XXX
Contacting me AFTER MIDNIGHT OR BEFORE 11AM – you will receive an automated text response while in Toowoomba
(don’t worry I will still respond; just when I am able to XXX’)

Once we have met I’m sure you’ll agree that I’m the complete package & if you would be so kind to leave a review for me here via my contact page, it will be appreciated