Let’s Talk Manners:

Understanding how to treat a professional woman in this industry may be a mine field to first time clients, but a lot of what I expect from my clients is common sense when it comes to how you would treat any other person who provides a service to you i.e. your Shop assistant or barber even your medical professional or work colleague. Here are a few tips on the do’s and don’ts:

Phoning from an unlisted, private, or blocked number won’t be answered.

While I prefer SMS or email contact to begin with, I understand that people prefer to talk sometimes. Unless I am in a private place where I can talk freely I will not be able to answer your questions so SMS and email is better.

Ask clearly in advance what type of services you would like to receive & book your session upon the agreed amount for those inclusions,
Have the fee ready upon my arrival. 

Don’t try to re-negotiate the price after or during the session this is classed as a major no-no ! Pay in cash, not with drugs, alcohol, gifts, or anything other than cash. Would you want to go to work for stuff rather than a paycheque? Gifts are nice, but they are a bonus.

The time starts when once we have gotten pleasantries out of the way and the fee has been paid, But I am not a clock watcher by any means.

Manners and Respect are always given and expected to be received. Talk to me and treat me with respect and dignity. Your time will be cut short and no refund will be given once you have been warned once and proceed to push the limits of good behaviour.

Using a condom is non-negotiable. Any Attempts to take the condom off or damage it will end at the very least the session being cancelled with no refund, it is a chargeable offence under Queensland law to attempt to remove protection without consent.

All clients are expected to have a shower after their health check is done. Please wash properly, yours and my enjoyment depends on it.

Keep in mind I may have other clients or other responsibilities waiting so time wasters are not tolerated.

If I see you in public I will never approach you, Please never approach Me either as I maybe with my Friends / Family  or with a client and this is unacceptable behaviour. 


Some Bookings will require a 10% Deposit, This is due to the rise in fake bookings.

I require a 10% deposit for bookings where long travel times are needed,

Long Bookings (longer than 3 hrs) also require a  10% deposit to secure your session time & covers travel costs.
These can be made in advance via Visa Gift Card, Sent via Email, Alternatively Zara now accepts “Beem_it ” transfers as a way to make deposits anonymously.

If this does not suit then contact Zara to see if another method can be arranged.
If a Client fails to show, then later tries to rebook or Cancels without proper notice a deposit of 25% will be required.