Dungeon Tour November 19th & 21st


Nov 21st, 2019 8:00 to 3:00 am

Mistress Zara specialises in the first time explorers & specific fetish requests. Some people may find it hard to find a Mistress that is comfortable with their client’s requests, leading to people feeling embarrassed and unsure about if they wish to move forward with their booking. Zara is exceptionally open-minded and enjoys new experiences. She adds each adventure she enjoys to her long list of fetishes she caters for in the future. In the full world of Fetish & Fantasy

Mistress Zara uses an exclusively licenced brothel in Woolloongabba, dedicated to offering the best choice of suites for her raunchy encounters. KING-SIZED SUITES with Outdoor Spa, Fully Equipped Dungeon, Relaxing Suites with Spas & Milking Table. Due to the overheads of hosting at the adult venue, i.e. Room Hire, Rates are slightly higher than other incall locations, But never fear the hospitality is the same if not better.
Refreshments and amenities such as a vending machine, adult shop, Eftpos, ATM are available to all Zara’s clients. Zara provides complimentary quality bathroom products for those needing a clean getaway.

Mistress Submissions
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