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Beginners guide to Adult Sleepovers

What most guys don’t realize is that women have very specific expectations when they’re at your place… and here’s the unfortunate thing:

Almost all of the things that she expects are things that you, as a man, wouldn’t think twice about.

Frustrating, I know… but here’s the good news:

Getting your house female-sleepover-ready isn’t all that difficult… it’s more a matter of knowing what she’s looking for, and planning accordingly.

  • Have a couple of drink options available, check with her before she arrives just in case there is something, in particular, she may enjoy on the night.
  • Tidy up, this is a no brainer especially in the bathroom as it makes the biggest impression, top up the body wash and fluffy towels and away you go it makes it even easier if you’re staying in a hotel, a reception staff member will help you with all the extra nice touches that make great first impressions.
  • Having a reservation is always a good idea, but also have an alternative option in case plans change.
  • Take it slowly after dinner, no one wants to play on a full stomach, and there is no hurry you have all night.
  • Be open to some personal time to freshen up before moving to the best course of all, a shower or spa together is a great way to relax after dinner.
  • How does your date enjoy her coffee? does she prefer a tea ? breakfast is the most important meal of the day, Enjoy it with her.

Zara prefers to fly with Virgin Airways when flying domestically.