Healthy Man, Happy Lover

Over the years I have been giving advice on a range of personal subjects due to the intimate nature of what I do, Having seen a wide range of clients from all walks of life and sexual experience. Questions always get asked about what ladies prefer and what a client should do to be better in bed or make the lady more relaxed and comfortable so both enjoy their time together. I am starting a BLOG style page where I will showcase products i love and how I use them, along a little SEX Education along the way.

Health and Skincare

falls into some of the most discussed topics as most men are to afraid to ask their GP or to ask a retail assistant for help, I personally take retail assistance opinions with a grain of salt as they are essentially there to sell you the most products they can.

I have come to rely on couple products as my go to products for men to try and ease problem skin, Most I use myself as I don’t believe mens skin products should have loads of fragrance and stripping agents in them, quite the opposite in fact.Below are some products I love and recommend highly & available is most chemists & I always keep these on hand for my clients while touring.

This product is marketed towards ache & breakouts BUT really is great those sweaty areas, prone to overheating i.e inner thighs & buttocks. Helping prevent moisture-related skin infections such as “jock itch” and other fungal infections

This brand of baby powder is unlike the normal powder seen from other brands, this is great for men who have chafing , and along with the above product using this after a shower will help minimise irritation to those areas while working in hot conditions.

Now most people would have heard of the QV brand, most using will purchase the body wash or gentle wash, But this product is in my option even better, As it does not lather up or strip your skin’s natural oils. This I recommend for Dry skin / Dermatitis / Eczema / Psoriasis

Mouthwash is some cases can do more damage and cause symptoms you think you maybe treating. Bad breath is the a common insecurity people have when seeing companion, Looking for a alcohol free mouthwash is a start, but also making sure the flavor does not leaving a burning sensation to your gums is also important as drying those gums leads to more bacteria forming and the bad breath cycle continuing.

For those with oily / combination skin I recommend the new Sukin Men’s range, While the original range is perfectly ok to use, this one has a little more of a earthy scent. The range also has a “normal ” ski