Brisbane Dungeon

The dungeon that I use is located inside a licenced adult venue, which offers its own perks such as eftpos and undercover parking. with ornate carved timber throne & bed this room defiantly sets the tone for my style of session. features include roof anchor points, standing cursification restraints and ensuite with personal grooming products. I also travel with my full kit for sessions in this location including rubber fetish sheets which are great for watersports & wrestling in nuru gel.

Risk-Aware Consensual Kink or RACK

Enter RACK which lays things out more specifically.

Risk-aware: Simply put you’re “aware of the risk” but I’d say it should go further than that. You should be able to name said risks and know how to prevent them.

Consensual: Everyone is on board with what you’re about to do or what you’re currently doing.

Kink: The thing, activity, power exchange, scene, or moment — your kinky fuckery

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